S2TS' AHXPI team demonstrate two ARPAE funded ARID projects on Next-generation Heat Exchangers at the 2017 ARPA-E Summit

Smart and Small Thermal Systems Laboratory (S2TS) team is presenting its two ARPAE funded ARID projects on Next-generation Heat Exchangers.S2TS utilizes UMD's expertise in additive manufacturing (3D printing) and thermal engineering to develop novel, polymer-based, air-cooled heat exchangers for use in indirect dry-cooling systems. The innovation leverages UMD's proprietary, cross media heat exchanger concept in which a low-cost, high-conductivity medium, such as aluminum, is encapsulated as a fiber in a polymeric material to facilitate more effective heat dissipation. To realize the innovative heat exchanger design, the team developed an advanced, multi-head, composite 3D printer (shown in the picture). S2TS team is also using additive manufacturing to fabricate high-performance metallic heat exchangers. Using the advanced manifold-microchannel geometry, the team is designing, modelling and additively manufacturing novel metallic heat exchangers for high temperature applications.